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Diagnostics and recovery of equipment failures
  • Repairs carried out by professional experts who have accumulated rather big knowledge base and experience on repair and re-equipment of tongs (including their modernization in other models)
Overhaul of the equipment (spiders, tongs)
  • equipment dismantling and execution of defects list;
  • repair of components together with replacement of worn parts that broke down;
  • assembly, greasing, adjustment, painting;
  • load testing;
  • execution of corresponding documentation.
General equipment repair (spiders, tongs)
  • partial disassembly of equipment;
  • wash;
  • defect list execution;
  • repair of some components or replacement of worn parts that broke down;
  • assembly together with greasing and adjustment of equipment;
  • equipment testing and execution of corresponding documentation.
Equipment maintenance
  • inspection of equipment;
  • components functioning check;
  • malfunction elimination ;
  • supply of necessary spare parts, tools and equipment;
  • filling equipment with grease according to chart and grease procedures schedule.