Artemis System
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Artemis System

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Telemetry, Electronics
Artemis System
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Telemetry, Electronics
Artemis System

«Artemida» system is a software and hardware complex designed to monitor and analyze data for coiled tubing units’ fleet. 

The system provides an ability to measure, control, record, save and visualize technical parameters of the units’ operation during the well workover and well stimulation works.

Built on industrial controllers having module architecture, the hardware part of the system is individually developed according to each customer requirements, using the in-house developed software.


  • simultaneous data collection from all channels (sensors (transmitters), flow meters), with recording in internal memory or electronic media;

  • on-line display of the received information on the operator panel of the system and the operator panel of the personal computer/laptop/netbook/tablet with Windows 8/10 OS, with the option to select the displayed parameters and their representation (digital or analog);

  • extraction of data stored during the coiled tubing unit operation, their analysis and display to the operator panel of a personal computer/laptop/netbook/tablet with Windows 8/10 OS, with the option to select the displayed parameters and their type (digital or analog);

  • preparation, saving and printing out of measurement (completed works) reports in formats suitable to further procession by standard software for any selected time frame and any sensor data combination;

  • the system administration and configuration;

  • self-diagnostics of the system with the results recording in the electronic log, output

  • breakdown warnings;

  • process data recording, transmission, and display aided by service software;

  • hazardous operation modes warning (alarm);

  • display of recommended parameters and operation modes;

Name of parameter, unit of measurement Nominal value


15 kg


450X320X200 mm

Power supply

9-36 V

Sensor power levels

5, 10, 24V

Ability to connect up to 50 sensors without adding a new case

Sensor types

2 encoder inputs;
4 frequency inputs;
4 temperature inputs;
12 pressure inputs for standard set.
 Amplifier for weak signal of frequency sensors

External interfaces for

Ethernet, USB connection

Connector types

bayonet for data channels, with threaded clamping for power connection   

Case enclosure protection degree


Intrinsically safe circuits (optional)

encoder channel, pressure, temperature

Operation temperature

- 40°С…+50°С

Operator panel operation temperature

- 20°С…+50°С

Card size for data recording from 1GB

A frequency of sampling and recording 1 time per second

Operator panel size

7”, screen resolution 800x480

10.1", screen resolution 1024 x 600

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