Telemetry, Electronics
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Telemetry, Electronics

Telemetry, Electronics

Oil-Service Company has developed competencies for the development, manufacture and implementation of various types of telemetric equipment, equipment for automation and monitoring of technological processes.

We are able to realize into reality the tasks of any complexity and provide a fully ready-to-use product in strict accordance with the terms of reference.

Our main principle of work is a guarantee of quality and an individual approach to the requirements of each customer. Our development services include: complete turnkey project development cycle.

Own production of samples and serial batches strictly in accordance with the developed design documentation, solving complex engineering and technical problems, coordinating each stage of development and production, using only the most modern and proven technologies, lack of intermediaries in the work, strict observance of time at each stage of work gives a guarantee quality for all work and services.

The development of hardware is carried out in accordance with the world modern standards in electronics, products are designed on the basis of electronic components of leading world manufacturers.

Both at the development stage of hardware and prototyping, and during subsequent mass production, we are constantly working to optimize the prices of electronic components.

Our specialists carry out a search for analogues for expensive positions without compromising the required level of quality. In our company, computer and mathematical modeling and device prototyping are used to solve problems of developing new types of electronic equipment.

Such an approach can shorten the development and production time, avoid a number of errors in the final design stages, and provide economic benefits.

We offer the development of:
  • Radio electronic devices
  • Software and hardware complexes
  • Software (system, application, service, embedded)